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Boxee Box HD Media Player
Unlimited Internet content on an HDTV
High-definition television sets (HDTVs) are becoming a common sight in the home, yet the amount of High Definition (HD) content available for these televisions is often limited to expensive Blu-ray™ discs and satellite services. Consumers who want to take their HDTV experience to the next level are turning to Boxee. The Boxee Box allows you to view a wealth of free, high-quality HD content on your HDTV through your home Internet connection. Access content from YouTube™, MTV™, Shoutcast™, and thousands of other on-demand Internet media sources.*
Multimedia + Social networks
Boxee is the first media center to integrate with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to recommend movies, TV shows, and songs to your friends, and also see which shows they are watching. Boxee’s open system means that new content is constantly being added everyday. All of your latest Netflix™* movies, CNN™ news feeds, and Pandora™ song recommendations are available as soon as you turn on your Boxee Box.*
Give your media collection a new life
If you have your own collection of downloaded multimedia content, Boxee will automatically sort and present it in media library complete with cover artwork, optional subtitles, and synopses. Just connect an external hard drive or flash storage drive via USB, or share media files from your computer over your home network. Move your HD media from your monitor to your living room and enjoy watching your movies in Full HD 1080p resolution.
Easy to setup and use
Wireless N support and an easy-to-connect HDMI interface help to eliminate the typical jumble of unsightly cables. Just plug in the power, connect it to your TV, and the Boxee Box is ready to go. Boxee’s famous 10-foot interface, specially designed for HDTV screens, makes it easy to control your Boxee experience from the comfort of your couch. Effortlessly browse the web and enter text using the QWERTY keyboard on the back of the remote.
* Services subject to regional availability. Some services such as netflix require a subscription for access.
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