מתג מנוהל WebSmart עם 24 פורטים 10/100Mbps ו 2 יציאות ג'יגהביט/אופטי (SFP) ו 2 יציאות יציאות משולבות 10/100/1000/SFP
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DES-1210-28/ME Metro Ethernet switch has 24 ports of 10/100Base-TX, 2 SFP ports and 2 dual-personality ports (dual personality) 10/100/1000Base-T or SFP. Designed for deployment Metro Ethernet, this switch is made in a secure enclosure and supports a wide range of functions. 24-port 10/100Mbps equipped with built-in surge protection 6 kV, so that the device is protected from external damage during ignition wiring. The switch is equipped with 4-port SFP, which provides the ability to create the topology of the "double ring", and a wide range of opportunities to build networks, FTTx.
DES-1210-28/ME provides an opportunity to work with IPTV-services, enjoying a growing demand in the market, thanks to the support functions such as IGMP Snooping, Limited IP Multicast (Multicast Limit on IP-addresses), ISM VLAN and MLD Snooping. Limited IP Multicast feature allows you to specify profiles multicast and link them to the port or port range to permit or deny connection requests sent by users. Using the profile is much easier to manage if the user changes the package. When using the ISM VLAN (IGMP Snooping Multicast VLAN) multicast traffic to effectively spend the bandwidth is transmitted in a separate VLAN. MLD Snooping feature improves the efficiency of multicast, and can reduce costs during the transition to IPv6.
High performance and fault tolerance
Switch DES-1210-28/ME supports a wide range of functions, providing smooth operation and simplifying management. Using the protocol 802.1D STP, 802.1w RSTP and 802.1s MSTP eliminates loops and allows you to quickly organize data backup route in case of a primary connection. The switches also support link aggregation standards-based 802.3ad (LACP), which allows the grouping of multiple ports, increasing the bandwidth and increasing the resilience of connections between network devices. DES-1210-28/ME also supports QoS (Quality of Service). Packets can be classified based on the content and distribution of the queue. The mechanism of prioritization helps to differentiate traffic based on the requirements for quality of service.
DES-1210-28/ME also support functions to ensure the safe management of the device. SSH and SSL encrypt the HTTP and Telnet connection, so data can not be compromised at the time of transfer. The function IP-MAC-Port Binding provides a binding of IP-addresses and MAC address of the user to a specific port on the switch, thus inhibiting the user to change network settings. This feature helps service providers to prevent attacks Man-in-the-middle and ARP Spoofing. Built-in D-Link Safeguard Engine provides identification and prioritization of packets to be processed directly by the processor switch to prevent malicious attacks and neutralize the effects of spurious traffic on the CPU switch. The function DHCP Server Screening blocks the emergence of a network of unauthorized DHCP-server.
DES-1210-28/ME supports authentication based on 802.1x port / host authentication and RADIUS, TACACS +, Local. Administrators can also be placed by unauthorized users in the Guest VLAN and assign them limited access rights.

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Hardware version of the
• B2
• Size
• Width for installation in 19 "standard rack, 1U
• 24-port 10/100BASE-TX
• 2-port 100/1000 SFP
• 2 combo ports 10/100/1000Base-T/SFP
Console port
• RJ-45
• Switching Matrix: 12.8 Gb / s
• The speed forwarding 64-byte packets: 9,5 Mpps
• The size of a table of MAC addresses: 8K
• SDRAM for CPU: 128 MB
• Packet Buffer: 384 KB
• Flash-Memory: 16 MB
• Jumbo-frame: 2048 bytes
The functions of level 2
• MAC Address Table: 8K
• Flow control:
  - 802.3x Flow Control
  - HOL blocking prevention
• Jumbo-size frames up to 2048 bytes
• Spanning Tree:
  - 802.1D STP
  - 802.1w RSTP
  - 802.1s MSTP
  - Filtering BDPU
  - Root Restriction
• The Loopback Detection
• Aggregation:
  - Compatible with 802.3ad
  - Max. number of groups - 8, 8 ports per group
• Port mirroring:
  - Support for a group of mirror
  - Modes: One-to-One, Many-to-One, Flow-based (ACL)
Multicast Layer 2
• IGMP Snooping:
  - IGMP v1/v2 Snooping, v3 awareness
  - Support for 256 groups
  - IGMP Snooping Fast Leave on the basis of host
• IGMP Autentiifkatsiya
• Restricting multicast to IP-addresses
• MLD Snooping:
  - MLD v1/v2 Snooping
  - Support for 256 groups
  - MLD Snooping Fast Leave on the basis of host
• 802.1Q Tagged VLAN
• Group VLAN:
  - Max. 4K VLAN
• VLAN-based port
  - Max. 255 Dynamic
• VLAN Trunking
• Double VLAN (Q-in-Q)
 - Q-in-Q port-based
Quality of Service (QoS)
• Bandwidth management:
  - Based on the port (inbound / outbound, in increments of up to 64Kb / s)
• 4 queues per port
• Processing of queues:
  - Strict Priority
  - Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
• CoS based on:
  - Switch Port
  - 802.1p
  - MAC address
  - IP-address
  - DSCP
  - Type of protocol
  - TCP / UDP-ports
  - Traffic Class
• Support for the following streams:
  - Setting priorities for 802.1p tag
  - Adding a tag TOS / DSCP
  - Bandwidth Management
Access Control Lists (ACL)
• Up to 256 Access Rules
• ACL based on:
  - Switch Port
  - 802.1p Priority
  - MAC address
  - Ether Type
  - IPv4-address
  - DSCP
  - Type of protocol
  - Non TCP / UDP port
  - The contents of the package, a user-defined
• ACL Statistics
• CPU Interface Filtering
• SSH v2
• SSL v3
• Port Security
  Up to 64 MAC addresses per port
• Protection from the broadcast / multicast / unicast storm
• Segmentation of Traffic
• IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB):
  - Checking the ARP packets
  - Check the IP packet
  - DHCP Snooping
• D-Link Safeguard Engine
• DHCP Server Screening
• Filtering DHCP-client
• Preventing ARP Spoofing
• Prevention of BPDU attacks
• Prevents DoS attacks
• 802.1X:
  - Access control based on port
  - Access control based on the host
• Guest VLAN
• Local / RADIUS /
TACACS + servers
• Maintaining RADIUS accounting
• 4 levels of user account
• The Cable Diagnostics
• 802.3ah D-link Unidirectional Link Detection (DULD) 2
• Web-interface
• Command-line interface (CLI)
• Telnet-server/klient
• TFTP-client
• SNMP v1/v2c/v3
• SNMP Traps
• System log
• RMON v1:
  - Support for groups 1, 2, 3, 9
• RMON v2:
  - Support groups
• BootP / DHCP-client
• DHCP automatically
• DHCP Relay
• DHCP Relay Option 12
• DHCP Relay Option 82
• Tagging PPPoE Circuit-ID
• Dual Configurations
• CPU Monitoring
• Encryption of passwords
• RFC RFC1065, 1066, 1155, 1156, 2578 MIB Structure
• RFC 1212 Concise MIB
• RFC1213 MIB II
• RFC 1215 MIB Traps
• RFC1493 Bridge MIB
• RFC1157, 2571-2576 SNMP MIB
• RFC1907 SNMPv2 MIB
• RFC1757, 2819 RMON MIB
• RFC2021 RMONv2 MIB
• RFC1398, 1643, 1650, 2358, 2665 Ether-like MIB
• RFC2674 802.1p MIB
• RFC 2233, 2863 IF MIB
• RFC 2618 RADIUS Authentication Client MIB
• RFC2620 RADIUS Accounting Client MIB
• RFC 2925 Ping and Traceroute MIB
• Private MIB
Standard IETF ®
• RFC 768 UDP
• RFC 791 IP
• RFC 792, 2463, 4443
• RFC 793 TCP
• RFC 826 ARP
• RFC 2474, 3168, 3260
Determination of the DS field in IPv4 header and IPv6
• RFC1321, 2284, 2865, 3580, 3748 Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
• RFC2571, RFC2572, RFC2573, RFC2574 SNMP




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