טלפון VOIP עם פורט WAN ופורט LAN במהירות ג'יגהביט ותמיכה ב - PoE


IP-phone DPH-400GE is designed for use in small, home offices, as well as for installation in small and medium-sized businesses. With its modern and stylish design, high performance and versatility, this phone is the ideal solution for business. DPH-400GE can be used in network environments that use an Internet connection via a cable modem, digital subscriber line (DSL) or local area network (LAN). The phone can be registered on the SIP-server (s), controller connections (softswitch'e), telephone exchange (ies), IP-PBX system, or IMS, as well as connect to the terminals with support for SIP. Furthermore, the user can connect a computer to a given phone, rather than directly to the LAN. The device is made in a plastic case, the package includes a telephone, the handset cord to the handset and kit for wall mounting. On the front of the phone is an LCD display for displaying various information. To set the phone user can use a keyboard / LCD display or Web-based browser.

מאפיינים כללים

• WAN port 10/100 / 1000BASE-TX PoE-enabled to connect to the Internet
• LAN port 10/100 / 1000BASE-T to connect to a PC

Buttons and keys
• 4 hardware and software keys to perform certain functions
• 5 keys SIP line
• RLS (Release Key)
• Call Hold (Hold)
• Call forwarding (Transfer)
• Conference (CONF)
• Phone book
• Call History (History)
• Redial (Redial and write access to the archive of calls; and the completion of a set of call numbers)
• Speaker (Speaker)
• 4 navigation keys for navigating in the settings; Adjusting the call volume, the speaker and handset
• Enter (confirmation button)
• 12 numeric keys, including keys * and #
• Mute (Mute)
• Adjusting the volume (Vol- / Vol +)

Signal, media and network protocols
• SIP RFC 3261
• SIP RFC 2327
• RTP RFC 1889
• Destination IP-address: Static IP-address, DHCP, and PPPoE
• STUN, static port mapping (for NAT traversal)
• TFTP / FTP / HTTP for Auto Provision
• Router and Bridge

Phone Features
• 5 SIP accounts
• Display caller ID
• Call History: Missed Calls 300, 300 incoming calls, outgoing calls 300
• Phone book (up to 500 contacts and phone numbers)
• Remote phone book (up to 4 phone books in a format xml)
• Date / Time
• Show call duration
• 12 ring tones to choose from (9 tones and 3 melodies)
• 9 numbers for speed dialing
• The incoming call
• Flexible dial plan
• Password protection for access to the configuration interface
• Pre-set before shipping
• Ability to connect the expansion module keys
• Locking the keypad
• Emergency call

Voice codecs
• G.711a / u (64 kbit / s)
• G.729A / B (8 kbit / s)
• G.723.1
• G.722
• iLBC

Advanced Features
• Silence Suppression
• Acoustic echo cancellation (G.167)
• Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
• Generation of background noise
• Jitter-Buffer
• The transmitter DTMF (SIP info, transparent, RFC 2833)
• Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
• Support HD Voice

Additional functions Call
• Callhold (Call Hold) / Resume (Resumption of the call)
• Call mute function
• Call Transfer (Blind, with accompaniment and early accompaniment)
• Call Forwarding (busy, no answer, unconditional)
• Call Waiting
• Call Waiting Indication
• Three-way conference
• Anonymous Call / anonymous call blocking
• Message Waiting Indication
• "Do not disturb"
• Auto Answer
• Black list
• Limit list
• Automatic Call Completion (Autohangup)
• Automatic redial (Autoredial)
• Prohibition of certain outgoing calls (Banoutgoing)
• Hot line
• BLF / Presence
• Intercom
• Call Pickup (Call Pickup)
• Action url / active uri

Network Features
• QOS: IEEE 802.1p and IEEE 802.1Q
• Diffserv (DSCP) / ToS
• Support for the full range of VLAN ID
• Class of Service Support by VLAN Tag
• OpenVPN (Warning: the devices shipped into the territory of the Customs Union, this functionality is not available.)

User interface / Network Management
• User interface screen / keyboard in Russian, English and other languages
• Web-user interface (HTTP) in English and other languages
• Remote software upgrades via FTP / TFTP / HTTP
• APS auto-provisionning for software updates and profile
• Appearance of the update in the case of damage to the Software




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