Вопрос: Как установить поддержку NetBEUI В Windows XP вручную?


Microsoft has discontinued support for the NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI) network protocol in Windows XP. Here is How to Install NetBEUI on Windows XP manually

The files necessary for installing the NetBEUI protocol on Windows XP are Netnbf.inf and Nbf.sys. Complete the following steps to install NetBEUI: Insert your Windows XP CD into the CDROM drive and browse to the Valueadd\MSFT\Net\NetBEUI folder.

Copy Nbf.sys to the %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Drivers directory.
Copy Netnbf.inf to the %SYSTEMROOT%\Inf hidden directory.
Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network Connections.
Right-click the adapter you want to add NetBEUI to, and then click Properties.
On the General tab, click Install.
Click Protocol, and then click Add.
Click to select NetBEUI Protocol from the list and then click OK.
Перезагрузите компьютер
NetBEUI должен работать